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About Tormek

Tormek is committed to providing the best solutions for the sharpening of all types
of edge tools.  Well grounded in the Swedish tradition for the most advanced
innovation, functionality and quality, Tormek has developed a unique sharpening
system that has come to set the standard in modern edge tool sharpening.

The Tormek Way of Sharpening

The key word when sharpening the Tormek way is - repeatability.  The tools being
sharpened are guided in jigs – you remove only a minute fraction of the steel at each
sharpening, which makes it fast.  An extra benefit is that your tools last longer.
The water-cooled slow speed grindstone is in harmony with the physical laws governing the
steel tool – the edge does not overheat and lose its hardness.
The water lubricated grindstone and the final power honing on the leather honing wheel
work in the same way as bench-stone sharpening except that the motorized process speeds
up the work.  The leather wheel is impregnated with honing compound and polishes the
edge to a razor sharpness.
No grinding dust is produced to pollute the air. The steel particles are deposited into the
water trough.
“I have yet to find anything that cannot be sharpened on the Tormek. The honed edge is
incredibly fine, and coupled to this dramatic improvement in edge quality is the not
insignificant fact that the tools will last far longer, as the sharpening process is so much less
aggressive.”    The Woodworker Magazine, August 2008

Wet Grinding vs. Dry Grinding

Wet Grinding - When grinding on a water-cooled grindstone, the stone runs in a bath of
water and does not produce sparks.  The stone carries the water continuously to the grinding
surface, thus cooling it and eliminating the risk of overheating.  The grindstone runs between
50 and 130 rpm, depending on its diameter.  Although the grinding time is slightly longer
than using a dry method, the total time for grinding and honing of a tool is much shorter.  
This is because the need for honing after grinding is greatly reduced.  Since wet grinding has
obvious advantages compared to dry grinding, the Tormek grinding system is designed using
this method.

Dry Grinding - Motorized bench grinders and belt grinders have a high cutting ability and
they grind quickly.  The disadvantage of high-speed grinders is that the tool edge is heated
up by the friction with the risk that the temper is drawn from the steel.  The edge then loses
its hardness and the tool will soon need to be ground again.