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Our customers deserve the best!  Friedrich Dick of Germany has manufactured the
highest quality cutlery and tools since 1778 and is still family owned after more than 230
years.  The longstanding traditions continue into the 21st century with F. Dick as the
cutlery of choice for German butchers and professional chefs.  Until very recently, these
fine quality knives were available only to professionals.  Their cutlery is used by 9 out 10
culinary schools worldwide and F. Dick is also the official supplier of national cooking
teams participating in international cooking competitions.

Premier Plus

Uncompromisingly committed to creative cooking, these knives are carefully forged and
balanced, with the ideal volume and shape of handle.  The Premier Plus cutlery series has
the elegant look of classic German cutlery and is the very best quality produced by F. Dick.

Each knife is hand forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel and taper
ground, resulting in a knife that holds its edge much longer than any other.  Each knife is
sharpened, whetted honed and polished by hand.  The blade is made of the high-quality
alloy XSOCrMoV15.  This stands for prolonged edge retention, resistance to wear and tear,
and maximum sharpness.  The blade with heavy bolster and full tang combines strength
with perfect balance, while the handle in black polypropylene forms a seamless bond to the
bolster and tang to meet the hygienic standards of the commercial kitchen.  Outstanding
handle design (handle and blade dovetail seamlessly), offering ideal hygiene and ease of

  • Long edge retention through high-grade stainless steel, ice-hardened with the most
    progressive heat treatment technology.
  • Laser-tested geometry of the cutting edge – high efficient blade thanks to the
    polished edge.
  • Forged of a single piece of steel, the blade with bolster and tang provides high
  • Wide finger guard.
  • Perfectly balanced.
  • Perfect volume and shape of the handle.


Premier Plus – Erasia

These knives have all of the same features as the Premier Plus line but are Japanese
shapes made in Germany – slender blades, extreme sharpness and light weight.

Superior – Traditional Series

The Superior series has been designed for professional users.  These high quality stamped
knives offer the combination of classic, timeless design and the light riveted handle make
this cutting tool a knife that meets high quality standards.  These knives are perfect for
cooks in the food service industry who want good quality at an affordable price.

As a convenience for our valued customers, Restoration Edge will special order any
F. Dick cutlery from their extensive catalog and still provide a 25% discount off the

To learn more about the cutlery we currently have available or place a special order,
please contact us or call (831) 535-9932.

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