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How long a knife holds an edge really depends on what you’re cutting, how often you
use it, and how you care for it.  Do you throw it in the dishwasher, blade side down, so that
it hits hard surfaces, or do you hand-wash?  Do you throw it in a knife drawer or do you put
it in a sleeve?  It also depends on the steel.  If it’s an inexpensive knife made from porous
steel, even if we put a nice edge on it, the edge will hold for only a relatively short time.  If
you spend the extra money on a German or Japanese knife made from compact stainless
steel, the blade will keep the edge longer.

How should I transport my knives?

The following methods are easy and safe ways to transport your knives:

  • wrapped in a dish towel or newspaper
  • placed in an appropriately sized box or plastic container
  • placed in a paper grocery bag or a reusable grocery bag (taking care to not have any
    knives poking through the sides)
  • in the knife block they are stored in

After sharpening, we’ll tape the edges and re-wrap the knives so they can be safely
transported back to your kitchen.